See If You Like Nursing – Become a CNA before RN.

Becoming a registered nurse is a big undertaking!  You need to apply to colleges, then get accepted.  You need to write entry essays, and invest tens of thousands of dollars.  And then you need to go through years of training!  Healthcare jobs are great, especially nursing jobs.  But that is a huge commitment to make if you are not REALLY sure this is the job for you!

So is there a way you can get a taste for nursing before taking the plunge? A way for you to get educated inexpensively?  To get your training for free?  To see if you really like nursing before you go all-in?

Actually there is! You can become a nursing assistant first.

See, a nursing assistant is very similar to a nurse.  They have a lot of the same responsibilities of a nurse.  They also work in a hospital.  The main difference is that a nursing assistant does jobs that are slightly easier.  Jobs that, if messed up, won’t result in a big problem.

Where nurses have to take blood and administer shots, nursing aids have to clean hands and bedpans.

So why be a nursing aid instead of just being a nurse?  Well, it’s a lot less expensive.  Becoming a nursing aid usually requires less than $1000 in training.  Many times, those training classes can be taken through CNA classes online.  In some cases, you can even take free CNA classes.

Compare that to any other nurse.  Other nurses need to go through years of training and thousands in expenses.  So many nurses come out of their nursing school, ready to work.  But then on the first day of their job, they realize that it’s not for them!

By getting a nursing aid certification you are able to test the waters.  You can see if a job in nursing is really good for you.  You can see if you like to work in a hospital or nursing home.  You can really understand how the system works before jumping in head first.

This is a great benefit to anyone strongly considering a healthcare career.  Being in the medical field is a fantastic way to make a living. But don’t you want to see if you’re a good fit first?

Are You The Right Person For A Career In Healthcare?

Whether you live in Michigan or New York, nursing is a fantastic field to get into.  Healthcare jobs are on the ride.  Demand for nurses and nursing assistants is huge.  But are you the right person for the job?

A job in healthcare is unlike any other.  Jobs in hospitals, nursing homes and care centers require special skills.

You need to understand the body, but you also need to understand people. You need to understand how people will behave.  All healthcare professionals need to put themselves in their patients’ shoes…every day.

But aside from working with people, you need a lot of training.  You need to take advantage of paid and free online CNA classes.  You need to go through online classes.  You need to follow up with continuing education.  There is a lot of learning involved in being in healthcare.  And the more you get paid, the more you need to know!

For example, let’s take nursing assistants and nursing aids.  What does a CNA do, anyway?

These fine people make about $23,000 per year.  But they need to go through several months of training and courses that can cost up to $1000.  Compared to serving fries at McDonald’s, thats a lot of money.  But that’s nothing compared to an LPN.

An LPN can take several years to get fully trained.  They need to go to college and get a degree.  That’s a lot more work (and money) than a nursing aid certification!  And it’s definitely not free!!

If you are going to pursue a job in healthcare, you need to make sure you are the right kind of person.  A person who loves the body, but also loves people.  You need to be a person who can listen to an old lady for hours, then clean up a bedpan.  You need to monitor vital signs, but also monitor moods.  And in most of these jobs, money is not the reward.  It’s the way you feel at the end of the day.

So whether you are in Arizona or Michigan, Chicago or NYC, you should know about nursing jobs.  They are a fantastic way to make a living.  And best of all, you positively impact people’s lives.

What You Need To Know About CNA Courses

Becoming a nursing assistant is a fantastic way to make money.  As a nurse assistant, you help people all day. Nursing jobs like these are always in demand.

But if you want to become a nurse’s assistant yourself, you need to know the proper steps.  The process isn’t difficult.  Just about anyone can do it. But you need to know some things about the courses.

First off, CNA training is unlike any other healthcare job training.  Unlike other nursing jobs, you do not need to take years of classes.  Most CNA programs last less than half a year.  In many cases, you can start working within weeks, not years.

Also, there are CNA classes online, so that you don’t need to even leave your house.  Nowadays, many people are training to be a nursing aide right from their own home. In some cases, these classes are even free of charge.  Always check to see if you meet the requirements for free classes.

For example, if you work in a nursing home or care facility, your classes may be covered by your employer.  In other cases, there may be grants that pay for some or all of your training.  This is particularly true in certain states, like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Connecticut.

But if you are in a region that does not provide free classes, like the District of Columbia, it’s OK.  CNA courses are some of the most affordable of any healthcare job in existence.

A good nurse assistant training program will also help with your resume.  After all, they are training you for a job.  They want to make sure you actually get employed!  If you ask your teacher and instructor for help, they will definitely help you with your certified nursing assistant resume.

This can be one of the most valuable parts of your online CNA classes. It makes life much easier when you have a nurse look over your resume and give advice.

If you need to know any more about nursing aid courses, then reach out to us here at Putri Bali.  We would love to help you learn more about the process.  Finding a nurse job that is good fit for you can really improve your life!